ELN21 ::: 3-song split 7-inch
[ 500 copies ]
: split release with Brutal Panda (BPR22)
: 100 pink vinyl (BP subscription, SOLD OUT]
: 400 black vinyl
: full color foldover jacket
: art by Went Knipe and Josh Hughes

East (Coast) meets West (Coast) in noise rock: WHORES and RABBITS joined together in misanthropy and misery. And what better material to manifest their unwavering rage than that of the Cure? WHORES crushes "Jumping Someone Else's Train," taking said train on a insanely heavy ride, the main riff stretched into a hypnotic groove forever beat into your brain. RABBITS opens with the stark "A Reflection" before cranking out an uncaged, claustrophobic version of "Give Me It"--who let these maniacs out? Killer slab of new noise.

“a gloriously deranged take on a few songs from one of alt rock’s heavy hitters done by a couple of bands who are keeping it dirty and nasty in the underground” -Verbicide