ELN08 ::: 19-song cassette
[ 50 copies ]
: brown cassettes w/ color labels
: printed J-card in hard case

The short-lived but much-loved UNDER MOUNTAINS is, alas, no more, but their legacy lives on in this select discography, a browned-out free-for-all free-fall through sludge, NWOBHM, thrash, and noise rock. On a twisted trek through the outer edges of heavy music they absorbed and deconstructed everything in their path using their own warped math. Fueled by punk rock, movies, video games, drugs, alcohol, sports, home repair, ink fumes, and a 24-hour taqueria, they went all mad scientist in the brodome basement lab and concocted their own fucked-up formula for lo-tech, progged-out, dirty doom. Slow drones, mad math, blasts of feral noise, and off-the-wall hooks.