Image of TOWERS II


ELN22 ::: 4-song 12-inch LP
[ 300 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl in black innersleeve
: 1-color screened, heavy linen jacket (white ink)
: b&w labels
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TOWERS, Portland's apocalyptic bass-and-drums duo, has dragged and scraped chunks and shards from all the darkest sonic territories to assemble a heavy monster in its own image. Both primitive and futurist, TOWERS transcends musical movements, molding Promethean monoliths out of doom, sludge, no wave, new wave, industrial, and psychedelia. On their second LP II TOWERS purposefully shifts through a procession of primal mutant grooves, oscillating hooks, sludgy crawls, cavernous experimental explorations, and haunting, swinging marches forward marked by the barked invocations of a Teutonic chief—Hell is coming!—and ghostly incantations of the wounded and beaten. II is a huge, enveloping beast of a record that captures the unique crushing intensity of their live sets. TOWERS rules the Wasteland.

“a portrayal of otherworldly toxicity made real and concrete through righteously vile and unwelcoming noise” -The Obelisk