RABBITS "Riff Fuck Reap"


PBR08 ::: 4-song 7-inch, 45rpm
[ 500 copies ]
: Powerblaster Records
: black vinyl with metallic silver labels
: black screenprint on metallic silver foldover jacket

The third 7-inch on Gator's short-lived lil Portland label Powerblaster. The A-side is “Riff Fuck Reap”, RABBITS’ ode to doing what thou wilt or, if you prefer, gettin’ while the gettin’s good. The B-side is a collection of three old-school punk/hardcore covers that support the directive of R-F-R-ing it: “Hard Times” (Cro-Mags), “One and All” (Rudimentary Peni), and “Twink Twice” (Portland’s own Poison Idea). RABBITS imbued its own ferocity into these already ferocious songs, and no doubt these versions will excite many and piss off many more, as they should.