RABBITS Lower Forms


ELN12 ::: 10-song 12-inch
[ 500 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl, 33rpm
: Eolian re-press of Rabbits debut LP on Relapse [OOP]
: cover art by Zachary Baldus
: 2-sided color insert with lyrics
: black innersleeve

Portland’s RABBITS show that they aren't afraid to get dirty on their Relapse debut "Lower Forms". The band's unbelievably raw, low-end rock is a punishing collision of distortion and volume bristling with punk attitude. "Lower Forms" is a messy affair and shows that this power-trio is at the forefront of the noise-rock, dirt-rock revival.

“Portland trio RABBITS is nothing less than incessantly punishing on their debut full-length. Ranging in approach from sludgy-as-all-fuck (a la Buzzov*en) to violent, old-school hardcore (think Negative Approach) to aggressive noise-rock (Unsane come to mind), if you're brave enough to stick your head down their rabbit hole you can expect to have it bitten off, chewed up and spat out.” --Terrorizer