RABBITS Bites Rites

Image of RABBITS Bites Rites


GTD08 ::: 9-song 12-inch, 45rpm
[ 500 copies ]
: Good To Die Records
: 180g black vinyl in full-color innersleeve
: full-color standard jacket, artwork by Skinner
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Bites Rites, the new record on Good To Die Records, opens a deep portal into the mind of the superorganism that is RABBITS. And something in that mind is not right. Like many that came before them, with overnight success and worldwide fame came parties, booze, drugs, strippers, and the predictable descent into bitterness, jealousy, paranoia, and eventual madness. The toll taken is obvious in both the sound and substance of the new record. In a haze of booze and drugs RABBITS descended into a Felony Flats basement with a man named Fester to ratchet up the sonic insanity and emerged with a platter of grisly fried guitars and machines-gone-awry drums (still no bass—how is it so HEAVY?!) with the yells and growls of a deranged lunatic backed by a Family-spawned youth crew. Long gone are the philosophical and scientific musings on man's place in the universe found on Lower Forms; it's now man against man, us against them, me against you.

“thick as molasses, punked-out sludgy noise rock that KILLS!" [Aquarius Records]
“gets all in your brain with driving tunes that will disturb you and make you jam out at the same time” [CVLT Nation]
“one of Portland's most enjoyably brutal bands... so awesomely fucked” [Portland Mercury]
“they have a shit name and are super boring” [Lambgoat]