KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon


ELN11 ::: 26-song cassette
[ 500 copies ]
: mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering
: art/text by Kevin Abell
: clear case w/ b&w fold-out J-card
: various color cassettes (your choice)
: digital download
: with K-O-H/EOLIAN beer koozie (first run only)

KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon is a 99-minute soundtrack to the Portland heavy underground featuring 26 exclusive tracks from stalwarts in the local metal / sludge / doom / prog / punk / rock / thrash / hardcore / noise community, like some twisted, many-headed beast raised on the soundtracks to River's Edge, Lost Highway, and Repo Man. With but a few exceptions, all the tracks were recorded in Portland specifically for this compilation, a first (more to come?) from Portland's Eolian Empire.

"essentially the bible of underground heavy music in Portland" -MetalSucks

Acre, The Ax, Big Black Cloud, Crag Dweller, Diesto, Drunk Dad, Fist Fite, Gaytheist, Gone to Croatoan, Honduran, Hot Victory, Humours, Ix, LKN, Lord Dying, Nasalrod, Norska, Order of the Gash, Palo Verde, Prizehog, Rabbits, Redneck, Sei Hexe, Sioux, Tiny Knives, Towers

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