ELN25 ::: 6-song 12-inch, 33rpm
[ 500 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl in black innersleeve
: full-color gatefold jacket
: download code

HOT VICTORY, Portland's extragalatic drum-synths-and-samples duo, have charted a course for who knows where. A man and woman, joined at the drums, do the work of an entire crew as they launch themselves into galaxies far far away where alien sounds weave through the colliding polyrhythms of a cyborg drumline. Electronic, industrial, experimental, progressive rock, krautrock, and New Age intersect to manifest heretofore unknown sonic forms. With their self-titled fourth LP (first on vinyl) HOT VICTORY has created an all-enveloping cybernetic structure of electroacoustic music powered by a relentless human pulse, opening portals deep into the hybrid mind and exposing the warped mathematics to their own theory of everything, transporting you to innerspace as much as it will to outerspace with its sci-fi vision of the future where man still controls the machines, where humanity still shines through a techno-trash society. Whether sonic keys to unlock the hidden doors of perception or soundtracks to your pending alien abduction, you are going somewhere.

“throw[ing] a kitchen sink of drums, drum pads, synths, tape loops, samples–you name it–together in pretty fascinating ways” -Brooklyn Vegan