FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale


ELN30 ::: 15-song cassette
[ 333 copies ]
: rubine red cassette with white ink
: two-sided, multicolor J-card
: download code

(We've Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale is a gnarled calling card from 15 bands bashing away in the international heavy underground. Over 50 minutes long with 15 exclusive tracks of noisy rock, sludge, doom, punk, hardcore, you-name-it from champions of the underground in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan making stark, aggressive, noise-laden tunes worked over with smarts and wicked humor, an international summit of heavy bands operating outside convention.

Featuring ARABROT, BASTARD OF THE SKIES, BATPISS, CYBERNE, DEAD, ELEPHANT RIFLE, THE GREAT SABATINI, HEALTH PROBLEMS, HOMBRE MALO, MEADOWS, MOE, SAME-SEX DICTATOR, TEEPH, THROAT, and TIMEKILLER. Tracks were recorded in each band's home country, most specifically for this compilation, the follow-up to Eolian Empire's 2013 KEEP OUR HEADS compilation of heavy underground Portland bands. It's a wild trip through twisted noise rock, bludgeoning sludge, psychotic metal, blackened hardcore, and damaged punk, each act's warped worldview in full effect. Comforting or discomforting, FIENDS IN LOW PLACES at least affirms we're not the only ones this fucked up. In an age when many are looking back with nostalgia for the lost and forgotten weirdo bands of yesteryear, it's good to know we can find pigfucking goodness all around the world right now and no doubt for years to come.