DRUNK DAD Ripper Killer

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ELN26 ::: 8-song 12-inch, 33rpm
[ 500 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl in black innersleeve
: full-color standard jacket
: 12x24 poster/insert
: download code

DRUNK DAD, Portland's one and only fuck-you-all-wave group, is on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory. In the last two years they have hard-won the turned heads and knowing nods of enthusiastic youngsters and old cynics alike with their all-out assaults on rock and convention. Their art-fucked sludgy hardcore free-jazz noise rock is as unclassifiable as it is enthralling, the splendid result of a rare new band that not only knows what it wants but how to get it. With their first LP Ripper Killer, DRUNK DAD breaks down the stifling genre walls of yore and rewires the wreckage into an mega-heavy alloy of scuzz, filth, and noise in a knock-down, drag-out war of ill will wrapped in a nasty bow. Crusty riffs, off-kilter sludge hooks, bombing-and-weaving bass, cracked-out noise (aided by horrorshow harsh noiser REDNECK), and scorched solos collide over drums that run the gamut from breakneck beatdowns to thuggish clockings to gonzo new math complifuckingcations. Throw in vocals that shift through gruff rock, degenerate screams, morose croons, pulp poetry, and more to push and pull it all together, and you got yourself one savage platter to devour. It rips, it kills, it's DRUNK DAD.

“combining the thunderous sludge of Melvins, the confrontational punk rock of Flipper, and the abrasion and psychosis of Harvey Milk” -Decibel)
“a triple word score for ‘noise rock’ and ‘grunge’” -Invisible Oranges