DRUNK DAD Morbid Reality


ELN14 ::: 4-song 12-inch
[ 500 copies ]
: 140g black vinyl
: screened jackets
: download code

Morbid Reality, the first vinyl release from DRUNK DAD, Portland's favorite (bad) boy band, captures their coarse blend of early 80's hardcore (the good stuff), metallic noise rock, and—of course—that inimitable Pacific Northwest sound (it must be something in the trees). If they weren't such dirty fuckers they'd be one of our town's shining success stories of unrelenting hard work and dedication: in a surprisingly short time DRUNK DAD went from favorite-band-shirts-on-their-hearts-on-their-sleeves to a unique and dynamic fusion of the heavy, the noisy, and the aggro, with a healthy dose of high drama, as they consistently churn out some of the most devastating live sets Portland has seen in years. Complex but in-your-face arrangements, push-pull duel-guitar interplay, searing behind-the-head leads, heavy motherfucking bass, and hard-hitting, tight, technical traps with dynamic, disturbing vocals to hold it all together. Ethical scumbaggery at its finest.

“unfurls a personality hairy as a woolly mammoth and crushing as when that mammoth sits on your grape of a head till it goes [pop]” -Tiny Mix Tapes