DEAD Thundaaaaah!

Image of DEAD Thundaaaaah!


WER16 ::: 9-song, 12-inch
[ 165 copies (2nd pressing) ]
: We Empty Rooms (Australia) release
: 140g black vinyl
: 12"X12" double-sided screen printed insert
: 12"X6" photocopied insert
: yellow die-cut sleeve
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DEAD's first LP Thundaaaah! captures the dynamic drum-and-bass duo banging out the warped hits. More punked-up and rawer than their second LP Idiots, Thundaaaah! takes you through the, by now (we'd expect), familiar territory of DEAD's down-under: a desolate journey through butchered bass chords, rolling thunder drums, blasts of noise, oppressive heaviness, shouted vocals, ambient experimentation, and whistling (yes, whistling), all wrapped in wicked gallows humor.