DEAD Idiots


ELN18 ::: 7-song 12-inch
[ 88 copies ]
: 180g black vinyl in black innersleeve
: US re-press of original We Empty Rooms (Australia) pressing
: 1-color screened, die-cut jacket (white ink on black stock)
: 7-color offset printed double-sided, folding insert
: hand-stamped metallic labels
: download code

Eolian pressing SOLD OUT, but we have a few copies of the original Aussie pressing available

DEAD, Melbourne, Australia's bass-and-drums dynamic duo of dirge, tunneled through the earth's core to go all Stateside on your ass with some seriously heavy, stripped-to-the-bone, trip-to-the-brain noise rock. Their latest LP Idiots is the real raw deal, a rough-hewn hybrid of sludge and ultra-heavy post-punk with bouts of down-under swagger and experimentation that captures the eyeball-shaking live attack of two blokes with little man syndrome punching way above their weight. Idiots lures you in with a long lost-in-the-funhouse intro only to bludgeon you with blunt-force bass bursts on repeat. What follows is a sour trip through primitive grooves part stripped-down Karp-like hooky sludge rock, part overloaded Pink Flag-era Wire riffs; menacing creepers that conjure lost movements to Bauhaus's “The Three Shadows” left long in the dark to grow old and scary as shit; full-bore rhythm section assaults of jacked-up metal chops; and heavy psychedelic licks and soundscapes. The crystal-clear recording of live takes with few overdubs puts you right in the room with DEAD, albeit likely cowering in the corner by the time the long, slow dirge closes the record. It's okay, you can come out now... just don't be an idiot.

"nine tracks of hackle-raising savagery that haunt the ear and mind even after they end" -Absolute Hell
"horrible, artful, intriguing stuff that draws on godheadSilo, the Melvins and whatnot while retaining their own individual sound" -Collective Zine

Eolian pressing SOLD OUT, but we have a few copies of the original Aussie pressing available