DEAD Captains of Industry


WER30 ::: 9-song, 12-inch
[ 208 hand-numbered copies ]
: We Empty Rooms (Australia) release
: 140g black vinyl
: hand silkscreened jacket with sticker
: letter-pressed insert
: download code

We are SOLD OUT of the Australian We Empty Rooms pressing. We may get a few more, but WER still has some at the link below. The US version on EOLIAN will be released this summer with alternate packaging.

DEAD, our favorite downunder bass-and-drums duo, kicks out the noise jams once again, motherfuckers. Captains of Industry, their third LP, beats you about the head with stripped-down but mighty mind-melters, the occasional respite via ambient experimental pieces. Continuing along their trajectory to nowhere, Captains has all that palpable DEAD energy, up in your face with a wry smile, battering away. The recording by Toshi Kasai captures their unholy marriage of sharp bass riffage and hardcore drum acrobatics punctuated by shout-along vocal bursts. Fantastic stuff in a fantastic package.

"Not content with aping their heroes, DEAD are a band with something to say, and they say it loud on Captains of Industry. Fans of heavy, inventive music—don’t miss out on this one." - Brown Noise Unit

International customers: It may be less expensive to order directly from We Empty Rooms