ARABROT You Bunch Of Idiots

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ELN32 ::: 6-song 12-inch
[ 500 copies ]
: 140g black vinyl
: full-color jacket
: color innersleeve w/ lyrics
: download code

ARABROT lands stateside with their first US release, You Bunch Of Idiots, a ferocious blast of twisted noise rock. For thirteen years Kjetil Nernes and Co. have fearlessly trudged through the European underground, carving out a sonic territory of sludge, punk, metal, and art rock, all collapsed into something uniquely their own. Wearing perennial outsider status like a badge of honor, ARABROT laughs in the faces of the naysayers and proudly towers above them. While drawing from the likes of dadaism, the Marquis de Sade, and transgressive art might be a recipe for pretentious tripe in the wrong hands, ARABROT wraps it up with winks and grins, and--most importantly--rocks the hell out.

You Bunch Of Idiots is the third EP in the three-EP series, following Murder As Art and I Modi, six tracks of hook-laden noise rock with sludge, industrial, and rock 'n' roll flourishes, through it all spit-flecked spout-offs, hissing fits, and bellowing to draw you in and keep you there. True Norwegian Noise Rock.

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