ELN13 ::: 2-song split 7-inch
[ 500 copies ]
: 70g black vinyl
: split release with Fysisk Format (FY068)

Noise mongers unite! The intangible, ever-changing, and ever-strange noise orchestra that is Norway's ÅRABROT meets Portland's sludge-punk kings RABBITS to commemorate their joint tour of Europe in Spring 2013. As if twins separated at birth with a psychic connection that spans a continent and ocean, both acts have mired themselves in the most base elements of rock and rebuilt these primitive pieces into music of violent, raw beauty. Seriously heavy stuff on seriously heavy vinyl. One song each.

"Roiling pummel from both of these horrid acts, proving bad vibes can cross oceans and continents with little more purpose than souring nine minutes of your horrible, pathetic life should their whim so dictate." -Collective Zine