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Winter 2014-2015 Catalog

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$$$ --- all prices are POSTPAID USPS Media Mail (US only)
$$$ --- for priority, insurance, or other carriers please inquire

$$$ INTERNATIONAL shipping (select country when you order)
$$$ --- CANADA: 12-inch $14/$4 (1/+), 7-inch $10/$3, cassette $8/$2
$$$ --- EVERYWHERE ELSE: 12-inch $20/$7 (1/+), 7-inch $15/$5, cassette $10/$4
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### this label is run by two guys with full-time jobs (and a full-time band )
### we usually process orders once a week, more often if we have a lot of orders
### we usually ship on Mondays any outstanding orders we've received by then
### orders with pre-ordered items will not ship until the pre-order ship date
### if you want in-stock items to ship before your pre-order, place separate orders (we ship twice)
### packages sent via USPS media mail often arrive in about a week but may take longer 
### media mail does not include tracking
### shipping times vary with location, postal carriers, weather, acts of dogs, etc.
### we cannot be responsible for items damaged or lost while in the US mail
### we cannot be responsible for items damaged or lost in international mail or any customs fees
### we pack and ship in a consistent, sound manner, and damage and losses are extremely rare...
### things happen... this is not meant to alarm you, just inform you, as we are record buyers too
### many of our releases are made or assembled by hand and are not cookie-cutter perfect
### if you have a significant problem with your order, let us know and we will work something out
### feel free to check on the status of your order
### contact us when you order if you want to track or insure your order or use a carrier other than USPS

&&& most Eolian releases are distributed by Revolver/Midheaven
&&& many Eolian releases are distributed by Earsplit
&&& in Europe/UK a select Eolian releases are distributed by Kaos Kontrol and Future Noise
&&& we have wholesale prices for small distros too, just contact us

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ELN29 ::: HUMOURS The Onanist 12-inch EP ///..... Spring 2015
ELN31 ::: TINY KNIVES Black Haze 12-inch LP ///..... Summer 2015
ELN32 ::: ARABROT 12-inch EP ///..... June 2015
ELN33 ::: DEAD Captains of Industry 12-inch LP ///..... June 2015
ELN34 ::: NORSKA 12-inch LP ///..... Summer 2015

ELN30 ::: FIENDS IN LOW PLACES Heavy Vibes Internationale compilation cassette ///..... $10
ELN28 ::: BIG BLACK CLOUD Lessons in Fuck You 2 cassette EP ///..... $8
ELN26 ::: DRUNK DAD Ripper Killer 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN25 ::: HOT VICTORY 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN24 ::: GRAVES AT SEA 12-inch EP ///..... $12
ELN23 ::: PRIZEHOG Re-Unvent the Whool 12-inch LP ///..... $18
ELN22 ::: TOWERS II 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN21 ::: WHORES/RABBITS split 7-inch ///..... $8
ELN20 ::: RABBITS SOS cassette ///..... SOLD OUT
ELN19 ::: REDNECK Possession cassette ///..... SOLD OUT
ELN18 ::: DEAD Idiots 12-inch LP ///..... SOLD OUT
ELN17 ::: DIESTO For Water or Blood 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN16 ::: HONDURAN Street Eagles 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN15 ::: BIG BLACK CLOUD Black Friday 12-inch LP ///..... $16
ELN14 ::: DRUNK DAD Morbid Reality 12-inch EP ///..... $12
ELN13 ::: ARABROT///RABBITS split 7-inch ///.....$7
ELN12 ::: RABBITS Lower Forms 12-inch LP (180g black vinyl repress) ///.....$16
ELN11 ::: KEEP OUR HEADS cassette --- 26 exclusive tracks from Portland bands ///.....$10
ELN10 ::: RABBITS "Flexihead" 2-song flexi postcard ///.....$5
---mailed directly or in envelope [you pick]
ELN09 ::: RABBITS Hide 4-song 10" (140g) ///..... $10
ELN08 ::: UNDER MOUNTAINS [discography] 19-song cassette ///.....$8
ELN07 ::: THE CYSTS Public Release 5-song 7" ///..... $5
ELN06 ::: GONE TO CROATOAN They 8-song 7" ///..... $5
--- b&w spaceship or black on black skull cover [you pick]
ELN05 ::: PURPLE RHINSTONE EAGLE Amorum Tali 5-song 12" ///.....$10
ELN04 ::: ACRE "A Shield of Air"/"Born of Light" 2-song 7" ///.....$5
ELN03 ::: CITY OF CHURCHES memelust 63-song 7" /// ..... $5
ELN02 ::: SLAM DUNK(With Authority!) /// ORDER OF THE GASH split 12" ///.....$10
--- silver, gold, or black on black covers [you pick]
ELN01 ::: RABBITS /// UNDER MOUNTAINS split 12" ///.....$12


non-Eolian RABBITS releases, select releases from Learning Curve, We Empty Rooms, and others
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